The Winter solstice, occurring annually between December 20th and 23rd in the Northern Hemisphere, invites us to turn inward, to acknowledge the challenges we’ve faced, and to recognize the growth that has emerged from those dark moments.

It is a time to celebrate the resilience within ourselves, acknowledging that even in the darkest of times, we possess an innate capacity for renewal and transformation.

Because if this, I have created a journal with 25 prompts as well as a winter solstice ritual guide to support you on your journey.

Whether you are creating a sacred space for yourself or for others, this journal can guide you to create something deep and supportive for all. Use this journal as a space for self reflection, intention-setting, and cultivating gratitude as you integrate both the darkness and light within.

May you experience peace on your journey into the light.

In love and light, MaryAnn Walker